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Jeti Telemetry Sensor Airspeed MSpeed EX
Jeti Telemetry Sensor Airspeed MSpeed EX

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Made In Czech Republic
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Jeti Care Services
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Jeti Telemetry MSpeed EX sensor uses dynamic pressure to measure the true airspeed of your model. Dynamic pressure is measured, using a pitot tube, by finding the difference in ram air pressure and static air pressure. The MSpeed EX allows you to set both a low speed alarm and a high speed alarm.

Through the Duplex 2.4GHz system and either a JetiBox Profi or Jeti Transmitter you can monitor your data and alarm conditions in real time.

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* Instruction Manual (.pdf)

Measures: 25 - 350 km/h with 5 km/h resolution
Operational Voltage: 3.5V to 8.4V
Dimensions: 25mm x 22mm x 13mm
Weight: 21g /pitot
Alarms: Programmable with JetiBox, JetiBox Mini and JetiBox Profi

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