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Jeti Fight Club

Jeti Fight Club, We Keep Your Toys Working!!!

Looking for a one stop place for all your professional flight needs? If your answer is yes, join the Jeti family!
Become a member of our prestigious team of members by enrolling in the Jeti Fight Club.

At Jeti USA, we are more than a team... we are family!!!
Join Jeti Fight Club now for $150.00 annual membership fee!!!

Membership Has its Perks...

  • Annual Welcome Package (Jeti Fight Club Shirts, Hats, Decals…)
  • Free Jeti Care Services (50% Replacement Warranty)
  • Expedited Jeti Warranty Service (Would Ship Same Day)
  • Early Access to New Product Releases (Stay Informed)
  • Jeti Live Video Support (Having Problems, Skype Helps)
  • VIP Access to our Private Lounge at Major Events (Have a Drink on Us)
  • Invitation to the Jeti Fun Fly (Impromptu Twice a Year)
  • Special Discounts, Deals and Promotions
  • Monthly Price Drawing Entry

* Sign up requires Jeti Transmitter, ESC or AXi Brushless Motor ownership, agreement to terms and conditions, and collection of membership dues.

Jeti Fight Club Jeti Fight Club Jeti Fight Club

Jeti Fight Club

Jeti Care Services, Our 50% Replacement Lifetime Warranty

Esprit Tech is the North and South American warranty and service center for all of the Jeti products that are sold and supported. This means that if you have an issue with any Jeti item purchased through Esprit Tech, Jeti USA or any of the Authorized Dealers you should contact us directly to resolve the issue. All Jeti Transmitters, Receivers, Sensors, Electronic BECs, Phasor and AXi Motors have 24 month warranty (from date of purchase) against manufacturer and material defects. There is no warranty, either whole or in part, against damage or abuse. For details, always refer to the item's user manual.

As long as you are the member of the Jeti Fight Club, all* of your devices are also covered under a 50% replacement warranty. This means that if your device is damaged by something other than manufacturer or material defect, the original owner can purchase a one-time replacement for 50% of that device's current retail price. This warranty covers the original owner for as long as they own the device and have active membership. To receive the replacement item under the 50% replacement warranty, we must first receive the damaged device.

* Jeti Transmitters and Transmitter Accessories are Excluded
* Receiver Batteries and Power Battery Packs are Excluded

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Jeti Fight Club Annual Membership Fee
Jeti Fight Club Annual Membership Fee

Price: $150.00/12 month(s)

In Stock

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