Firmware Updates

Jeti Studio, New Way of Viewing, Analyzing, Programming, and Updating. Telemetry Data Logging & Visualization, Transmitter Data Backup, Transmitter & Receiver Updating, Lua App Manager.

JETI Studio is a cross-platform program for the visualization and analysis of telemetry data received from sensors and receivers. The program is available free of charge as a software support to the Duplex product line.

- Graphic Visualization of Telemetry Data Logs, Display & Analyze Sensor, Device, Receiver Data
- Direct Support for JetiBox Profi Monitor, Easy Read Log Files and Real-Time Telemetry
- Real-Time Telemetry Graphic Visualization, Display Charts, Maps, Data Tables….
- Device Updater, Easily Update your Receivers, Sensors, Transmitters, and Other Jeti Devices
- EX Bus Devices Programming and Configuration, Setup Failsafes, Port Configurations.…
- Integrated DC/DS-24 Transmitter Emulator, Program Your Model from Comfort of Your PC
- Lua App Manager, Easily Store, Copy, Test All Your Custom Lua Applications

More information (links):
* Click Here for Jeti Studio Download

Version 4.27 Available for Jeti Transmitters (April, 2018)
Firmware Update DC/DS-24
Firmware Update DC/DS-16 (Standard)
Firmware Update DC/DS-16 (Lua Version)
Firmware Update DC/DS-14 (Standard)
Firmware Update DC/DS-14 (Lua Version)

Version 1.10 Available for Jeti REX Receivers (March, 2018)
Firmware Update Standard REX (Ditex Telemetry)

Version 1.04 Available for Jeti Sensors (April, 2018)
Firmware Update MULi 6s EX Module